17 Best Foods To Grow Healthy & Strong Hair

Do you want thick, luscious, long hair? I definitely do. If you’re the same way, there are a few things you can do. The first is to change your diet. In today’s post, we’ll be talking about the 17 best foods that promote hair growth, according to experts. Why is almond butter at the top of our list? Are tangerines really good for your hair? What about salmon and spinach? We’ll talk about all of these AND more...

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#1. Almond Butter

Almond butter is packed with lots of nutrients such as proteins and vitamins. These are specifically linked with improving the health of your hair. The vitamin E present in almonds can make your hair thick and lustrous. In one study done over a period of eight months, participants who had consumed 100 milligrams of vitamin E every day saw their hair grow by about 34%.

So the next time you’re reaching out for a delicious spread to put on your bread, how about almond butter! Your hair will thank you. Which is your favorite butter flavor? Almond, peanut, or regular? Share your preferences with the Healthy Mind - Think Big community in the comments below... 

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#2. Tangerines

The vitamin C present in tangerines can do wonders for your hair. This particular vitamin helps your body absorb iron from foods like red meat and spinach. In one study, it was seen that a deficiency of iron can lead to hair loss. That’s why you need to eat foods like tangerines that are rich in vitamin C. The next time you’re grocery shopping, don’t forget to put grapefruit, lemons, and kiwis in your shopping cart.

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#3. Salmon

Salmon is packed with all the essential omega-3 fatty acids. These have anti-inflammatory properties. Along with helping you stay away from diseases,omega-3 fatty acids can help keep your hair thick and shiny. Along with the fatty acids, salmon also has vitamin D, which can stimulate your follicles. According to one study, vitamin D has the capacity to stimulate follicles that are dormant. This means salmon can help prevent thinning hair or bald spots.

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You can eat salmon on its own or add it to your dishes. Salmon salad is a very healthy option to try. Grilled salmon sandwiches ain’t bad either. Just remember to avoid deep-fried versions. They are bad for your health, especially for your blood cholesterol levels.

#4. Spinach

Spinach has a number of nutrients that can not only help with your overall health but also provide benefits to your hair. When your diet doesn’t have the required protein, iron, or vitamin D, you need to make sure you eat the foods that supply you with it. Spinach can help you with that. It has high amounts of iron and magnesium, which can ensure your hair produces sebum.

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#5. Eggs

Eggs are famous for being rich in protein and many other nutrients that boost your overall health. They also have a B vitamin called biotin, which is effective in helping your hair grow, as well as strengthening your nails. Eggs are also packed with vitamin D, which can make your hair strong and shiny. In one study, it was found that vitamin D can help make new follicles, allowing new hair to grow. As a result, the thickness of your hair will improve.


#6. Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in protein that can help you have thick, wavy hair. It was part of the diet in ancient Greece. Greek yogurt has vitamin B5, which is also known as pantothenic acid.

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#7. Oatmeal

Oats are packed with iron, fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acids. It also has polyunsaturated fatty acids. These nutrients can help hair growth. As a result, your hair can end up thick and healthy. If you want to boost the hair-growing capability of your oatmeal, you can add some chia seeds to it. They have 20% more protein than soybeans. This meal can help you get the hair you want.

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#8. Guava

Similar to tangerines, guava is rich in vitamin C. In a study, it was found that supplementing with vitamin C can increase hair growth significantly in women. It also helped with temporary hair thinning. You may think that oranges are a better fit when it comes to being the best source of vitamin C. Just eating one guava will give you at least four times the amount of an orange. Before we move ahead, here’s another video you might like.

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#9. Lentils

Eating lentils is another way to improve the health of your hair. Lentils are packed with folic acid. This particular compound helps your body create red blood cells. This is an important function, as red blood cells carry oxygen to various organs in your body. This includes your skin and scalp, which means you will have better-looking hair.

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#10. Liver

As mentioned before, a deficiency in iron causes hair loss in your body. This is especially true in the case of women. It’s available in spinach, fortified grains, and pasta, among several other foods. The liver is also heavy on iron. It may sound less appetizing, but if you happen to enjoy the taste, it’s another great source that can benefit your hair.

#11. Blueberries

One of the reasons for hair loss is oxidative stress. It can also make your scalp less healthy. If you want a healthier head of hair, you need to eat the proper amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants can get rid of free radicals and lower oxidative stress. Blueberries are rich in these antioxidants. They also have a ton of Vitamin B.

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#12. Oysters

Another reason why your hair could be falling off or thinning is a lack of zinc in your diet. Various studies have shown that hair loss due to zinc deficiency can be reversed. All you have to do is eat more food that contains zinc. One of the best ways to improve your zinc intake is by eating a lot of oysters. If you eat six oysters, you will get as much as 30 milligrams of zinc. This is double the amount of zinc your body needs on a daily basis.

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#13. Barley

Similar to almond butter, barley is packed with vitamin E. This will allow your hair to grow at a proper speed. If you want better-looking hair, you might want to consider barley. I know it sounds kind of weird but give it a shot.

#14. Walnuts

Experts believe if you don’t have enough polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, your scalp hair, and eyebrows will become damaged. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to ensure your diet has walnuts in it. Walnuts are rich in these particular compounds, which will keep your hair healthy.

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#15. Carrots

Carrots have always been popular as a food that can improve the health of your eyes. But they can also help improve your hair health, thanks to all the vitamin A. Carrots have beta-carotene, which is converted into a vitamin A for your body. This beta-carotene stimulates the scalp’s glands, while also helping your scalp with the production of sebum. Other orange-colored foods such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins also have the necessary beta-carotene.

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#16. Halibut

Halibut comes packed with magnesium. This particular nutrient is key to making sure your insulin is at a healthy level. Considering that diabetes has been associated with hair loss, it’s necessary that you keep your insulin levels regulated. Halibut has a few other health benefits, but its ability to stop hair loss is one of the main reasons you should try it.

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#17. Shiitake Mushrooms

If you want to increase the strength of keratin fiber in your body, you need more copper! Copper can make sure that your hair stays its natural color without greying.. If you want to get the necessary copper, you can have shiitake mushrooms. Just one cup of these mushrooms can give you 1300 micrograms of copper, which is nearly one and a half times the amount you need each day.

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Interested in knowing more about your hair? How about we start with controlling hair fall first? It’s the first step towards getting thicker fuller hair. You should also learn about essential nutrients that impact your hair growth. Getting these nutrients from your diet will go a long way in maintaining a beautiful head.

Are you planning on eating more of these hair-boosting foods? Let us know in the comments below!

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