11 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Passion Fruit

How many times do you actually pick up passion fruit at your grocery store? How many times do you actually pick up passion fruit at your grocery store? Probably never, right? Passion fruit-scented shower gels or candles give a perfect tropical vibe. If the flavor and aroma are so powerful imagine how great the fruit must be as a whole.

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In today's post let's discuss why you should be adding passion fruit to your diet. Can it boost your immune system? Is it good for diabetics? Can it help you sleep better? We’re discussing all that and more. 


It's difficult to keep up with boring weight loss diets. Even if fruit is healthy you really can't eat it all the time because of the high-calorie content. On the contrary, one whole passion fruit contains about 18 cal. This super low-cal fruit will also make you full and keep you away from snacking. This fruit is native to South America. It grows in warm, humid climates on vines. You will see pulpy flesh embedded in tiny hard seeds once you cut them open. You can scoop this part with a spoon and add it to yogurt. If you love natural fruit juices you can also strain this pulp, get rid of the seeds and enjoy a refreshing drink. You can also eat it raw with chili powder and lemon juice. 

Passion fruit juice is available in pre-packed bottles, but be careful before you buy as they may have too much sugar added. Sugar reduces tartness and also acts as a preservative. That's why natural fresh fruit is best. What fruits do you eat to stay in shape? Sound off in the comments below and start a conversation with our ever growing Healthy Mind - Think Big community.


Some people are blessed with rock strong immunity. While some people are chained to the medicine cabinet with the slightest exposure to irritants. If you have a tendency to fall ill frequently perhaps your immune system is lagging. You need to fuel it with some nutritious food. Free radicals have the potential to cause disease and give you poor health. But not if you are a regular passion fruit eater. This fruit has the goodness of many vitamins that are essential for safeguarding your health. It has just over 5 mg of Vitamin C which acts as a powerful antioxidant. Additionally, it helps your body absorb more iron and keeps anemia away. Vitamin A is another nutrient that is mainly present in its seeds. One fruit will have around 29 International units of Vitamin A. It helps to filter foreign materials, pollutants, bacteria, pathogens, and infections from your bloodstream. The seeds might taste a little sour but they’re worth it. Looking for answers on all the latest health and wellness news? Hit that “subscribe” button, and join our millions of followers. Stay up to date on all our great Healthy Mind - Think Big content… 


A strong skeleton is the foundation of a healthy body. If you're tired of drinking glasses of milk try passion fruit. It has some amazing nutrients that build bone health. A single fruit has 63 mg of potassium, 5 mg of magnesium, and 2 mg of calcium. A complete package of bone-strengthening nutrients. Once you start aging your bones start losing mineral content and become porous. Having nutrient-dense food can prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis. Studies have also shown that passion fruit peel extract can relieve painful joint symptoms.


Heart patients are usually told to avoid a high sodium diet. It's not just processed food but a few natural foods also have scary amounts of sodium, but not passion fruit! It also has potassium important for regulating blood pressure. It promotes blood circulation and relaxes the blood vessels. This can reduce the strain on your heart and improve heart health. You will generally find two varieties of passion fruit. One with purple skin and the other with yellow skin. It is believed that the purple-colored fruit is more flavorsome and less tart than the yellow one. It also has a considerably higher amount of juice. But you need to be cautious with both varieties. Make it a point to consume only the ripened ones. Ready-to-eat passion fruit will have slightly crumpled skin on the outside. An unripe one can cause cyanide poisoning. People who are sensitive to latex may develop a strong cross-reactivity if they consume passion fruit. Probably there is some interlinking between the proteins found in latex and those in passion fruit. Pregnant and breastfeeding people should discuss it with their doctors before making it part of their diet.


Every food has the potential to alter blood sugar, measured with the glycemic index. The higher the glycemic index the higher the sweetness. People who are suffering from diabetes are generally on the lookout for foods that have a low glycemic index. Passion fruit has a low glycemic index and is a safe option. The fiber allows the fruit sugar to get absorbed slowly into the bloodstream. That's why you will not experience sugar crashes or cravings after having this fruit. Studies have shown that passion fruit also decreases insulin resistance by lowering serum cholesterol levels.


This is an extremely gut-friendly option for those people who have trouble emptying their bowels every day. If your diet is filled with simple carbs then it's quite difficult to get things going. When you get enough fiber it absorbs water and helps you go. One passion fruit contains about 2 g of fiber. A diet that is high in fiber also helps to reduce cholesterol and boost heart health


We all want radiant glowing skin. Often our skincare routine is based on creams, lotions, and serums. Our skincare is incomplete without great diets that are particularly high in vitamins and can put off skin aging. Vitamin A is important for the collagen in the skin. Also, Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and delays signs of premature aging. Studies have shown that passionfruit gets its anti-aging property from a chemical compound called piceatannol


Too much work or personal problems can take a toll on your well-being. Before you jump to medicine, always opt for a coping mechanism. Couple it up with a few passion fruits and we're sure you'll find yourself changed. This is all because of the high magnesium in the fruit. Experts believe that magnesium is great for mental health and can reduce feelings of intense anxiety. Also if you have been missing precious sleep, passion fruit can have a sedative effect. Research has shown that a compound called P. incarnata helps you sleep. It can help you to get rid of restlessness and ease you into a good night's sleep. 


Don't we always pop a pill for headaches and long-standing muscular pain? There are so many powerful drugs on the market to treat pain and inflammatory disorders. But they have their own share of side effects. Liver toxicity, renal failure, acidity, and gastric ulcers are just a few. Passion fruit can have a calming effect and last beyond the acute effects of irritants, microbes, and infection. It is believed that this fruit has inflammatory mediators to curb the pain. It is even believed to have a vermicidal effect in kids. This completely natural food source has the power to ease swelling without the gruesome side effects.


Painful menstruation cramps are the last thing you want when you have a busy day planned. Passion fruit has a decent amount of magnesium that alleviates uterine pain. A few holistic healers also believe that eating flowers and leaves of the passion fruit plant can give you complete benefit. You can also try having passion fruit tea at that time of the month to experience a real painless period. Women hitting menopause in their late 40s or early 50s, generally experience a sharp decline in reproductive hormones. The most common self-diagnosed symptom is often a burning sensation in the palms and soles. Having passion fruit can make those hot flashes much more bearable.


If you want to keep your memory sharp and stay alert as you age it's important you have a nutritious diet from a young age. Passion fruit is high in folate, antioxidants, and potassium that protect your brain and nervous system. Potassium will ensure that there is more blood flow reaching the brain and will keep you away from scary diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia. One in three Americans has neurodegenerative changes that point to. Living with this disease is not only problematic for your own self but also for your family and loved ones. 

While science is still struggling to find medications to reverse this condition the only safe bet that remains is to intervene early and stop its onset. Having passion fruit can increase concentration and reduce cognitive decline. 

Your diet is a controlling factor that decides how you will age. Read our post, Fruits, And Vegetables - What’s The Difference? or 14 Great Fruits That Can Double As Medicine. Go ahead, click one. Or better yet, read both, and learn more about how to keep your brain healthy.

How often do you eat passion fruit? Let us know in the comments below!

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