15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Black Pepper

Hey there, readers! Welcome back to Healthy Mind - Think Big! Black pepper is located in almost every kitchen in the world. It's made by grinding peppercorns. Both whole peppercorns and ground pepper are used in cooking. In addition to adding a mild spicy flavor to your meal, black pepper is loaded with stunning health benefits! This is why it's also known as "King of Spices". In today's post, we'll be discussing the health benefits of black pepper. From antioxidants to anti-inflammatory properties,from relieving cough and cold to fighting cancer, we'll be talking about all of these and more...

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Antioxidants act as scavengers of free radicals in your body. Free radicals lead to major health problems including cancer and heart disease. To reduce free radicals in your body you should eat foods rich in antioxidants, like black pepper! It's rich in a plant compound called piperine, which is believed to have strong antioxidant properties. In a study, rats were fed a high-fat diet along with black pepper, or its concentrated extract, it was found that the advancement of free radical damage slowed down. Add a pinch of black pepper to your fruit salad, or to your favorite soup and reap the health benefits! Which foods do you eat as a source of antioxidants? Which is your favorite food so far? Sound off in the comments section and start a conversation with our Healthy Mind - Think Big community... 


Inflammation is the root of many diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer! Studies suggest that pipelines can fight inflammation effectively. In rodent studies, it was found that inflammation caused by asthma and seasonal allergies was held back by piperine. Black pepper also contains other anti-inflammatory compounds. Add a dash of black pepper to your scrambled eggs or avocado toast for a spicy kick! 


Managing blood sugar levels can be a task sometimes! But you can do it by incorporating black pepper into your diet. Piperine helps improve blood sugar metabolism. The research found that black pepper extract causes smaller spikes in blood sugar levels after consuming glucose. Piperine along with other compounds helps improve insulin sensitivity in overweight people, according to a study. Black pepper has zero sugar, so it's a great seasoning to add to your food! 


Cold and cough can cause a panic, especially during a pandemic! Being anti-inflammatory in nature, black pepper works wonders on cold and cough. It has been used in ancient medicines for thousands of years. Just add a pinch of black pepper to your green tea and you'll notice a difference! A little pepper to a teaspoon of honey also helps relieve chest congestion. Another remedy for relieving chest congestion is inhaling steam. Add a pinch of black pepper and a few drops of eucalyptus oil to warm water, and inhale its steam. Ever heard of ‘Golden Milk’? It’s an Indian drink that became very popular during the pandemic. 

Golden milk, or turmeric milk, is a hot drink with milk and many spices, turmeric being the chief spice! Just like black pepper, turmeric also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Prepare golden milk by adding either freshly grated turmeric, or turmeric powder with a pinch of black pepper and cinnamon into milk, and boil the mixture. Sit back and enjoy this comforting hot drink, especially on cozy winter evenings! 


Black pepper also serves an additional function with golden milk! Black pepper actually boosts the absorption of certain nutrients. In the case of golden milk, piperine increases the absorption of curcumin in your body. One study found that pairing 20 milligrams of piperine with 2 grams of curcumin, increased the curcumin availability in the blood by 2000%. Research also suggests that black pepper enhances the absorption of beta-carotene, found in fruits and vegetables, which is converted into vitamin A by your body. Black pepper might also improve the absorption of nutrients like selenium, calcium, and other compounds found in green tea. During winters, add a dash of black pepper to all your dishes to stay healthy! 

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Black pepper may have some cancer-fighting properties, but more human studies are needed in order to confirm. If this is true, all the credit goes to piperine! Lab studies suggest that piperine can hold back cell growth in breast, prostate, and colon cancer. Also, piperine showed good results in treating bone cancer. But hang on, there’s more! Piperine has shown favorable results in reversing multidrug resistance in cancer cells, which might help to improve the chances of chemotherapy treatment. Black pepper is also rich in vitamins, flavonoids, and carotenoids which also help protect against cancer. Before moving further, here's an interesting fact! 

Did you know that black pepper is often referred to as “Black Gold''? This is because, in ancient times, it was a valuable commodity and highly regarded in the spice trade. Also, the Romans loved the spice and usually paid for it in gold! 


Another benefit of black pepper is that it helps in enhancing digestion. When consumed raw, it stimulates acid in the stomach and helps break down the proteins faster. Hydrochloric acid cleans the intestines and protects you from other gastrointestinal diseases as well. 


We all know that high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease. The good news is that black pepper can reduce cholesterol, but studies are limited to animals for now. A study shows that when pigs consumed black pepper, there was an increase in ‘Good’ HDL cholesterol. Don’t forget to add a dash of black pepper to your stir-fry and pasta dish! 


A healthy gut is linked to better immune function, mood, chronic diseases, and more! The type of bacteria in your gut influences your gut health. Some studies suggest that black pepper has potential prebiotic properties, and promotes ‘good’ bacteria in your gut. Black pepper has antibacterial properties which can fight foodborne pathogens, and prevent diarrhea. 


What if I say that a spicy meal can actually boost your brain function? Yes, piperine is credited to improve brain function, especially in managing symptoms of conditions like Alzheimer's disease. Researchers found that piperine helped improve memory in rats affected with Alzheimer's, and reduced memory damage. For now, studies are limited to animal models only. 


People spend hundreds of dollars on expensive cosmetics and skin-care products! You just need one basic ingredient which is already present in your spice rack, and that is black pepper! Crushed black pepper acts as a great exfoliator. Don’t use it directly! Mix honey, curd, and very little black pepper. Always do a patch test before applying anything to your skin. It also improves blood circulation and provides more oxygen to the skin. It also removes unwanted wrinkles. If you have acne-prone skin, incorporate black pepper into your diet. It flushes out all toxins and will make your skin smooth. Black pepper also prevents dark spots and premature aging. The ‘King of Spices’ is also known to cure Vitiligo, a condition where the skin loses pigmentation and creates white patches. 


Hard to believe, right? Black pepper is a very nutritious spice, and it's even brilliant when it comes to extracting nutrients from food. Its outermost layer contains phytonutrients that help break fat cells. Black pepper also improves your body’s metabolism. Add a pinch of black pepper to your green tea, and you’ll witness wonders! Remember moderation is the key always! Before talking about the next health benefit of black pepper, here’s an interesting fact! Have you ever heard about the term ‘Peppercornrent’? Peppercorns were actually used as a currency, and this led to the popularity of the term ‘Peppercorn Rent’, which was actually a way of paying off rents in the old days. 


I can see some of you becoming more alert! Depression is a common problem faced by most people worldwide. What if I said that black pepper can help you deal with depression! Yes, you heard that right! You just need to chew a very small amount of raw black pepper. Chewing black pepper releases mood-inducing chemicals that will keep your mind calm. It will also help it function properly. Remember not to eat too much black pepper. It can be a bit too spicy for some. 


Black pepper can also lower arthritis and prevent gout. Studies in rodents suggest that black pepper can also act as a natural painkiller. Spicing up your diet with black pepper is an easy way to add flavor to your meal and reap some health benefits, as well! 


Sweating is a sign that your body is functioning well. Black pepper causes too much sweating and urinating, thereby helping in discharge toxins from your body. Remember sweating and urination beyond a certain limit can increase heat in your body. This requires cutting down the intake of black pepper. Knowing the benefits of spices can encourage you to incorporate them into your diet. 

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