Do you know How to balance your Work and Home Life

Do You Know How to Balance Your Work and Home Life

Today the topic I bring to you is the balance of work and life.

Today we are in lockdown, but the balance of our work and life has been already staggered. We all know the ill effects of it as given below. So here are a few things to keep in mind to balance work and life.

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Poor Health: Working long hours without taking time to relax, will take its toll on health.

Tips: Firstly accept that the balance between your work and life is not right. The next thing to do is to prioritize your health. When your health is good, you will become a good employee as well as a good person. One of the most positive ways to reduce stress is exercise, and every competent adult should get at least 30 minutes per day. If you are healthy and exercise daily, there is less risk of getting sick and missing days from work, which can ultimately increase your productivity.

Now when the whole country is in lockdown. We are locked inside, and our physical activity is less, for this, we can do push-ups or yoga for 5-10 minutes.

Poor Performance: Taking on too much responsibility will lead to exhaustion and your performance will suffer.

Tips: If you do the same thing every day without taking leave, then you will be bored with work or your body will not support you. So sometimes, actually unplugging means taking vacation time and stopping work altogether for a while. Whether it is a one-day leave and you stay at home or 15 days in an outdoor trip it is important to take time to recharge physically and mentally.

Don't try the perfect program, try for realistic. Some days, if you pay more attention to work, then the next day you will have a lot of time to spend with your friends and family and you can follow your passion also.

No "Me" Time: Many of us are so busy with work, school, and home life that often there is no time left to do something that we enjoy.

Tips: Schedule a treat for yourself once a month. This can happen on your lunch break, on weekends, or you can leave work early. Maybe you watch a movie, go for a haircut, play cricket/football with friends, or think about what you're always thinking. Schedule it and it will happen!
Try saving some weeknights or days just for you. Use the time for gardening, reading, exercising, and thinking. You can increase your passion, or learn new skills/things. For eg.: learning instruments, cooking, etc...

From the above, we come to know that we should have some discipline in order to maintain our work and home life balance and give our self opportunity to grow and try new things. And we will also be able to maintain a healthy relationship with all.


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