If You Are In Your 20s or 30s Read These 27 Sentences To Put Yourself Ahead Of 99% Of People Your Age.

#1. Ideas mean nothing. Zero. Zilch Execution is the only thing that matters. It's not what you thought about doing, it's about what you did.

#2. DO NOT WATCH PORN. It kills your energy. It numbs your ability to feel. It's a life killer.

#3. Never let anyone get comfortable with disrespecting you.

#4. Be selfish with your time. A lot of people don't deserve it.

#5. Share your progress, not your goals, and you'll always be motivated.

#6. Every second you spend comparing your life to someone else's is a second spent wasting your; so stop comparing and create your own definition of success instead.

#7. Smile often. Smile so many others think you exist in a World of optimism and positivity. Because you do.

#8. You grow rich when you seek new experiences rather than material things.

#9. Learn to say NO, Respect your time & energy. Don't be so nice that you "yes man" yourself into not having space or time for yourself.

#10. There's a difference between being patient and wasting your time.

#11. You spend your entire life inside your head, making it a nice place to be.

#12. In today's digital-first world, the greatest skill you can leverage is the power of focused attention, and the way to build it is through daily meditation.

#13. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else does. That's the cornerstone upon which real confidence is built.

#14. If you can't find a good person, be one.

#15. Stay curious, question everything, and if you want something, ask for it.

#16. The life you experience is simply a reflection of your mindset.

#17. Consistency > Intensity.

#18. You don't only live once; you live multiple lives within one.

#19. Master your emotions. A calm mind can handle every storm.

#20. Don't be lazy. Do the work. You won't grow from easy.

#21. You will never lose if you never quit.

#22. There's a big difference between people who are smart and people who get good grades.

#23. Money comes and money goes in life, but time only moves in one direction.

#24. Keep your standards high and don't settle for something because it's available.

#25. Never expect to get back what you give or you will always be disappointed.

#26. Accept people for who they are and not who you want them to be.

#27. The best revenge is no revenge improve yourself and forget they exist.

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