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11 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Passion Fruit

How many times do you actually pick up passion fruit at your grocery store? How many times do you actually pick up passion fruit at your grocery store? Probably never, right? Passion fruit-scented shower gels or candles give a perfect tropical vibe. If the flavor and aroma are so powerful imagine how great the fruit must be as a whole. Image on iStock In today's post let's discuss why you should be adding passion fruit to your diet. Can it boost your immune system? Is it good for diabetics? Can it help you sleep better? We’re discussing all that and more.  #1 HELPS IN WEIGHT LOSS It's difficult to keep up with boring weight loss diets. Even if fruit is healthy you really can't eat it all the time because of the high-calorie content . On the contrary, one whole passion fruit contains about 18 cal. This super low-cal fruit will also make you full and keep you away from snacking. This fruit is native to South America. It grows in warm, humid climates


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