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Hey Guys! Do you know how important biotin is for your body? This water-soluble vitamin, also known as vitamin B7, is crucial for your body to convert food into energy. You need it if you want healthy skin, beautiful hair, and strong nails. You also should thank this vitamin for promoting the healthy functioning of your liver. In fact, biotin is so important for your body, it’s included in the prenatal vitamins given to expecting mothers. But how do you make sure you get enough biotin? In today’s blog, we will be talking about biotin-rich foods. From mushrooms to spinach. From cheese to avocados. We’re talking about all this AND more… 

1. Eggs : 

Who doesn’t want beautiful, luscious hair? Due to an unhealthy diet, the use of harmful chemicals, and stress, your hair can turn dull and brittle with time. More often than not, it is vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin B7 or biotin, contributing to these issues. But don’t worry, the situation is salvageable. Just turn to eggs.

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Egg yolks are rich in Biotin- a water-soluble vitamin that promotes hair growth and improves overall scalp health. A whole, cooked egg provides up to 10 micrograms of biotin. It is advisable to eat well-cooked eggs for maximum absorption of B7. Boiled, scrambled or poached eggs can be great diet-friendly choices. I don’t mind omelets, just make sure you don’t add too much oil, cheese, or butter.

2. Salmon & Tuna Fish: 

Are you frequently feeling sick? Do you feel that you have lower immunity than others? Why not try eating fish for a change? Salmon is a popular choice when it comes to eating fish for maximum nutrition. Salmon gives you multiple health benefits. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which give you better immunity and protect you against heart issues. There are 5 milligrams of biotin per 85 grams of Salmon. Tuna also contains a generous amount of biotin, though a bit lower in quantity in comparison with salmon. A standard 85 grams of canned pink Tuna provides nearly a milligram of biotin. Add that smoked or grilled salmon to your daily diet and gain benefits.

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3. Sweet Potatoes :

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Yeah, it sounds weird to hear that sweet potato is a nutrient powerhouse. This delicious veggie has been wrongfully tagged as the more starchy cousin of potato. In reality, it offers you a generous amount of vitamins and minerals, especially biotin. Believe it or not, sweet potatoes contain the highest level of biotin found in vegetables. Every half cup of sweet potato provides nearly 3 milligrams of biotin. Apart from that, it's rich in beta carotene that gets converted into Vitamin A by our body. If you want beautiful skin, nails, or hair, include sweet potato in your diet. You can eat it boiled or make sweet potato bean salad with it. Sweet potato patties taste absolutely heavenly. They even make up for awesome added sugar-free fudge! Thanks to biotin and Vitamin A, you can get to flaunt younger-looking, blemish-free skin, along with healthy hair that looks well-nourished. You can also try replacing mashed potatoes with this magic vegetable. Making sweet potato wedges is also a great option for your fussy little ones.

4. Broccoli and Cauliflower :

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These are the nutrition powerhouse veggies quietly sitting right inside your refrigerator. Both these veggies offer numerous health benefits. They provide you both biotin and sulfur, which are vital for the optimal functioning of your body. Just half a cup of fresh broccoli gives you under one microgram of biotin. Remember, biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. This means you cannot store it in your body. You will need to get it from your diet on a daily basis. So even if you hate broccoli salads, try your best to eat them. There are several recipes that will turn broccoli into a delicious soup. It’s even more nutritious if you eat its teamed because then broccoli is able to retain all its nutrients. And have you tried pairing broccoli with cottage cheese or tofu? Sprinkle a little black salt and pepper. You will thank me later. I even add mushrooms. Broccoli’s cousin cauliflower is not far behind when it comes to nutrition. One serving of raw cauliflower contains 17 micrograms of biotin. Eating raw cauliflower ensures maximum absorption. Shred it and add a thousand island dressing, along with cucumber and tomatoes to make a sandwich. Not interested? Try slow-roasting the florets on low and serve with a dash of olive oil, pepper, herbs, and salt. Cauliflower rice is also popular right now.

5. Brewer’s Yeast:

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Ever wondered about that nutty or cheesy flavor in your breakfast? It's the brewer's yeast at work. This is an active yeast mostly used for making bread, beer, and a range of other foods. Brewer’s yeast is a by-product of beer and has a significant amount of biotin. Nutritional yeast is another variety of yeast high in biotin content. A few popular manufacturers claim to have 21 micrograms of biotin in just 2 tablespoons. Before we move ahead, here is something you might like. Do you get heartburn often? Then this blog is for you. Read and learn how you can get relief from heartburn and indigestion. 

6. Liver and Animal Meat :

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Did you know that including organ meats, especially cooked liver in your diet can give a good boost to your immunity? How? Well, it provides ample amounts of biotin. In the animal body, most biotin is stored in your liver, with only a small amount absorbed by the small intestine. Statistically speaking, 3 ounces of cooked beef liver contains about 31 micrograms of biotin. Even other organ meats like kidneys are also good sources. The content of biotin may vary depending on the type of meat. For example, pork chops provide less biotin than beef. Both are still good sources.

7. Almonds :

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Who thought that a tiny, brown nut could hold so much nutrition! It gets featured on almost every healthy food list. No wonder it’s considered a superfood all around the world. Yes, we are talking about almonds. Consume it salted or roasted. You will get the same level of biotin. Studies show that a quarter cup of roasted almonds contains nearly 2 micrograms of biotin. Grab a handful of almonds while snacking and give yourself the protein and vitamin E boost, along with biotin. You can also add it to your shakes and smoothies. Baked goods like bread and cakes taste even more delicious when you add this superfood to them. Just remember they are nutritious as well as calorie-dense. So moderation is the key. 

8. Avocados : 

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Avocado sandwiches, avocado salad, avocado smoothies- what’s not to love about avocados? Some people even believe it helps with morning sickness during pregnancy! If you’re tired of using various creams and lotions to improve the state of your dry skin, give avocados a try. It has a unique nutrition profile. This delicious fruit is rich in healthy fats, biotin, and dietary fiber, along with several other vitamins and minerals. A single 100-gram serving of avocado has 3.2-10 micrograms of biotin.

9. Mushrooms :

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Given their nutritional value, mushrooms are easily a winner. Interestingly enough, the biotin in mushrooms helps them fight off parasites and other harmful particles as they grow. Most continental recipes see mushrooms as a regular ingredient. You may choose to eat it raw or saute it. Either way, you are absorbing biotin. Adding sliced mushrooms to your salad is another great way to consume it. And if you are making noodles, pasta, or spaghetti, make sure to saute it along with other veggies for a whole nutritious biotin-rich meal. Mushrooms on pizza is another great idea.

10. Spinach :

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Want to get rid of scalp issues? Falling low on biotin and iron? Spinach has the cure for you. Try this dark, green leafy vegetable and give your immunity, hair, and digestive system a strong reboot. It contains the maximum level of biotin among green leafy ones. A cup of cut and frozen spinach leaves may have up to 7 micrograms of biotin. That number increases in the case of fresh ones. You can include it in your salads, or make a spinach cheese omelet. Spinach bites can make you fall in love with this dark green veggie. Even garlic butter-sauteed spinach makes a great side dish, especially when cooked with chili rice. Hungry already? Well so am I! 

11. Cheese : 

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When I talk about nutrition, we can’t ignore cheese. Most dairy products provide biotin. In a study of 23 types of cheese, blue cheese and camembert were found to have the most amount of biotin.

Did you know anything about biotin before reading this blog? Do you eat any of these items on the regular? Let us know in the comments below. Take Care Guys!

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