11 Life-Changing Habits and Routines that can lead you to success

11 Life-Changing Habits and Routines That Can Lead You To Success

Your Routines and Habits can have a big impact on the way you live your life. So, don't let old habits hold you back. Try to develop these 11 Life-Changing Habits and Routines that can help you achieve success.

1. Start a Daily Gratitude Practice

If I have a habit that can have the most noticeable effect on my feeling of happiness and satisfaction, then it has to start a daily gratitude practice.

As I talk about Do you know the subconscious mind can change your life (in my post) our brains are wired to look out for potential threats and negativity.

Implementing a daily gratitude practice trains your brain to constantly look for the good in your life, and to notice the simple privileges and pleasures we often take for granted.

Try to make each item as specific as possible, so that your gratitude practice becomes effortless.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise has many benefits. It protects bone health, and muscles, keeps you lean, increases energy levels, and prevents injuries, but it still signifies one of the most important things that a professional must adopt as a success mantra in their life. Wealthy and successful people understand the importance of being healthy and therefore the majority of them invest at least some part of their daily routine in being healthy. This may include exercising for half an hour or a rigorous examination of the food they eat.

3. Meditate

When you practice mindfulness, you can take it to everyday life. Mindfulness helps you to change your life, change habits, live simply and slowly, and be present in whatever you do. Meditation has been shown to have mental benefits, such as improved focus, happiness, memory, self-control, educational performance, and more.

4. Eat Healthy Foods

Breakfast is a must. When we wake up after 8-10 hours of sleep, then the energy of our body is gone. To increase your body's energy, you have to eat breakfast full of stomach. To read more... Do you know how to have a cheapest and healthy breakfast?

If you want to know about vegetables, see this post of mine... Why is it important to Eat Vegetables?

5. Set Daily Priorities

Setting your daily priorities is a habit to help you complete your daily tasks. These tasks are your must-do tasks or the most important tasks. You will hear me talking about the most important tasks and priorities during this month, so start with the daily priority.

The most important task is a specific selection of one to three things that you should do that day. These may include work assignments, daily necessities, or time-sensitive items that attract your attention. Work difficulty can vary, but by the end of the day, one should be able to finish these things.

6. Read for an Hour a Day

Whether you're reading 30 minutes each day or upwards of two hours. the key is to get some (Book) reading in every single day. The benefits are well-charted; improving both intelligence and emotional IQ, reducing stress, and allowing readers to, on average, live longer than non-readers. Which means you'll have even more time to spend reading. Sounds like a win/win to me.

7. Save 30% of Your Income

There's no universal law of nature that requires you to save a certain percentage of your income. But we develop these rules of thumb based on the goals you want to achieve.

Do you know how much money you save now? and more importantly - do you know that this is enough?

If you are on the right track to meet your goals, then your savings rate is one of the best metrics to use to determine this. It represents the percentage of your gross income that you hold towards long-term goals - things that may include a traditional retirement or more non-traditional financial freedom. And if you have big-haired adventurous financial goals or want to achieve financial freedom, that saving rate should be at least 20% of your gross income...but more realistically? You should aim for 30-40%.

8. Laugh Often 

A good, healthy laugh relieves physical tension and tension, soothing your muscles for 45 minutes. Laughter reduces stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, which improves immunity. To read more...Do you know what happens when you laugh?

9. Say 'Please' and 'Thank You'

No matter your mood, no matter the place, and no matter who you're speaking to, you should always be saying these words.

Say "Please" when you request something from your family, friend, or customers. For example, "Can I borrow a bike tonight?" or "Will you please unlock your gate so that we can dig the grass in the backyard of your gate?" Be sincere and genuine.

Say "Thank You" when someone does something nice for you. These two words cannot be overused when showing your appreciation.

Say "Thank you" even if your request is not granted. A "No" today does not mean a "No" forever. Whether or not your parents let you borrow the car (or whether your customer has made a purchase or donation or not), they took the time to consider your request. Using good manners might help you "Yes" the next time you ask.

10. Make an Action Plan for Your Goals

Successful people set goals and they develop and maintain the habits necessary to achieve them. 

Success = Goals + Habits

Goals and Habits are the two main variables in the success equation. While goals provide you with a sense of direction and help you stay focused, effective habits give you the mental discipline to reach your goals. If either variable is unavailable, the success equation is not simply additive. Conversely, when you improve your goal-setting skills and form good habits, your level of success increases.

11. Sleep On Time

A good night's sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones, exercise performance, and brain function. It can also cause weight gain and increase disease risk in both adults and children. In contrast, good sleep can help you eat less, exercise better, and be healthier.

Already posted it for you guys... To read more How to get better sleep

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