40 Motivational Quotes About Success And Life

40 Motivational Quotes About Success And Life

  Ratan Naval Tata

I don't believe in taking right decision.
    I take decision and then make them right.
- Ratan Naval Tata

Power and wealth are not
    two of my main stakes
- Ratan Naval Tata

Ups and Downs in 
life are very
important to keep us
going, because a 
Straight line even in
an E.C.G. means we
are not alive.
- Ratan Naval Tata

All of us do not have
Equal Talent.
Yet, All of us have
an Equal Opportunity
to develop our Talent.
- Ratan Naval Tata

If you want to Walk
Fast, Walk alone.
But if you want to
Walk far, Walk
- Ratan Naval Tata

  A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Don't Take Rest After
Your first Victory
Because if you Fail in
Second, more lips are 
Waiting to Say that
Your First Victory was
just Luck.
- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

You cannot change your
Future, but you can change
your Habits, and surely your
Habits will change your
- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

You have to Dream
before your Dreams can come True
- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

is not what you see
in sleep
Is the thing which 
Doesn't let you sleep
- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Education is the most
Powerful Weapon
which you can use
to Change the World.
- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

  Azim Premji

Success is achieved twice.
Once in the Mind and second time in the
real world.
- Azim Premji

If people are
not laughing
at your goals,
your goals are 
too small.
- Azim Premji

  Mukesh Ambani

I think that our
Fundamental Belief
is that for us Growth
is a way of Life and we
have to growth at all time.
- Mukesh Ambani

Everybody has Equal Opportunity
and I think that is
True for Everything.
- Mukesh Ambani

I don't think that Ambition
should not be in the
Dictionary of Entrepreneurs.
But our Ambition should be realistic.
You have to realise
that you can't do everything.
- Mukesh Ambani

  Bill Gates

Success is a lousy teacher.
It seduces smart people into thinking
they can't Lose.
- Bill Gates

Don't compare Yourself 
with anyone in
this world.
If you do so,
you are Insulting
- Bill Gates

Power comes not
from Knowledge kept
but from Knowledge shared.
- Bill Gates

To Win Big,
you sometimes need
to take Big Risks.
- Bill Gates

Patience is key
element of Success.
- Bill Gates

  Warren Buffett

Rule No. 1 : Never lose Money.
Rule No. 2 : Never forget rule No. 1
- Warren Buffett

Without passion, you don't have energy.
Without energy, you have nothing.
- Warren Buffett

If you don't find a way
to make money while you sleep,
you will work until you die.
- Warren Buffett

The difference between
Successful People
and Really Successful People,
is that Really Successful People
say NO to almost everything.
- Warren Buffett

The best investment 
you can make,
is an investment in yourself...
The more you learn,
the more you'll earn.
- Warren Buffett

  Sachin Tendulkar

People throw stones at you and you
convert them into milestones.
- Sachin Tendulkar

I am not thinking too far
ahead. Just want to take it 
one thing at a time.
- Sachin Tendulkar

Don't stop chasing your 
dreams, because dreams 
do come true.
- Sachin Tendulkar

I Fail Sometimes.
I Success Sometimes.
It's a Package Deal.
- Sachin Tendulkar

Whatever level you reach,
getting better never stops.
- Sachin Tendulkar

  Jeff Bezos

Work Hard,
Have Fun,
Make History.
- Jeff Bezos

I believe you have
to be willing to be
Misunderstood if you're
going to Innovate.
- Jeff Bezos

Your brand is what other
people say about you when
you're not in the room.
- Jeff Bezos

It's not an Experiment
if you know it's going to work..
- Jeff Bezos

Life's too short to hang
out with people who
aren't resourceful.
- Jeff Bezos

  Elon Musk

If you need Inspiring words,
Don't do it.
- Elon Musk

When something is important enough,
you do it even if the odds are not in
your favor.
- Elon Musk

I thing it is possible for
Ordinary people to choose
to be Extraordinary.
- Elon Musk

Failure is an option here,
if things are not failing,
you are not Innovating.
- Elon Musk

Persistence is very important.
You should not give up
unless you are forced to give up.
- Elon Musk